Colony Collapse Disorder – CCD – The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY – Dr. Jay Evans

Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD is a syndrome affecting honey bees that got a lot of attention in the media. Bees were apparently flying away and never returning home, leaving behind food and brood. After a lot of research, nobody could find a definitive answer for the phenomena, and a lot of frustration started to arise. After 12 years, the beekeepers started to describe heavy colony losses in the social media and use the term CCD again. I decided to ask some experts a simple question. What is the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY about colony collapse disorder? In this video, I interview Dr. Jay Evans, research leader of the prestigious USDA Bee Research laboratory in Beltsville Maryland. We talked about behind the scenes of Bee research and the difficulties to work with bees. I hope you guys enjoy it. Have a good one.

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