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14 Sep 2018

New Honey Bee MITE in Florida

#beekeeping #newhoneybeemite #savethebees A mysterious bug that looks like a mite but it is not the well known Varroa destructor mite shows up in south Florida, causing some concern among the beekeeping community. I am trying to identify the bug myself, and I might need your help. If you have an idea about what that is, please leave a comment below. We need to know if it is something important or not. _______________________________________________________ Email List: Subscribe to our email list […]

04 May 2018

A Transmissible RNA Pathway in Honey Bees

Link to the article: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2018/04/12/299800 Dr. Eyal Maori and collaborators discovered a very important piece of information that might be able to help to improve beekeeping in the future. In this video, I discuss the potential of the discovery and invite everyone to help to brainstorm alternative tools using this information.

08 Feb 2018

Lithium Chloride Kills Varroa Mite?!?

Does Lithium Chloride kill Varroa destructor?!? A recent scientific article, published in Nature Scientific Reports, claims that Lithium Chloride can effectively kill Varroa destructor by a systemic mode of action. This is very good news for the scientific community. Beekeepers spread the buzz quickly on social media and within a week, the entire Amazon stock of Lithium Chloride sold out. This is an important scientific discovery, but Lithium Chloride can be very dangerous; further research is needed to see what […]

11 Jul 2017

Inside The hive will be launching videos soon

We are working hard to finalize everything to start to upload great videos to everybody. Launching date expected to be September first. Cheers Thanks for stopping by.